About Me

Hello Everyone! I am Wendy and am from Singapore. At the age of 4, I happened to get a hearing impairment in both ears and since then, I have been wearing hearing aids devices. 

Through my daily life, I lead a similar life like you guys, work, eat and play hard. However, my activities are not the same as so-called ‘hardworking’ office workers.

I work and play on the same level. 

How much effort I put into my blogging or into the part-time job I am working at, I will always make sure I play hard at the same level. This is like a sign of self-care and this is not wrong.

This is just my own way. 

Have you ever feel that you want to play hard but along the way, you just feel something amiss? Like something in you is missing. You might feel inferior compared to others.

You listen to them but their advice are not even a least useful for you. 

Why do you not listen to yourself when it comes to making decisions? How can you actually make your own decisions?

Whom is this blog for?:

  • For YOU ~
  • Recommended for women who struggled with being herself outside of her home.
  • Someone who wants to be a better person. 
  • If you are not sure of what to do or actually kinda suffering from depression
  • Who wants to be a Boss of her own life, not just business. 

What will you be expecting from Girl.Boss Planner’s blog?:

Aside from this blog which focuses on self care for women, inspiring ladies to be entrepreneurs, there is another blog of mine.

That blog called Wendy’s Bullet Journal which focuses on just bullet journal like giving tips and self-care related by using journaling ways. 

You can click on this direct link to read the blog posts. 


It comes with a built-in online store where you can buy stationery like journals and markers. 

Till the end of the month, I am giving a code coupon ‘SUB15’ for 15% off the total cart.

You will only need to spend $30 minimum and it comes with free shipping! 

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